Can I speak to or see a Case Manager today?



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    Crystalyn Terrell

    Hello, my name is Crystalyn Terrell, I'm writting to you to beg for some help.. My son and I watched our house float away from us an was put at the NRG.. we're we have never been ever before in our lives here in Houston.. we don't have any family, and we don't know anyone here.. I am disable and have no car that went with our house... I am trying to the these church's here to help me but I don't know where to start where to go and with everything we have been through it has been too hard and now we are losing the roof over our heads and we have not ate in 2 days, he was going to Cullen jr. High but because of jurisdiction he was unenrolled from out of that school and I was told I had to enroll him into Fondren Junior High which I have tried 5 times to enroll my child and the school won't take my child and now if that's not hard enough and not being able to feed him and not being able to keep a roof over our heads and no one to call no one and no one to ask for help I don't know who to go to I don't know who to turn to but I'm better if you know anybody or if you can please help us in our time of need I don't know who else so please help us my number is 361 433 1680 please I'm begging somebody please help us.....

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